Portable Time-Lapse Dolly

make a time lapse dolly

Order this fully assembled dolly perfect for shooting time-lapse videos for just $599.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


  • 12V battery
  • 1 rpm Gear Motor
  • 24-tooth pinion gear
  • 203-tooth aluminum hub gear
  • 18 inches of movement
  • 2 rugged nylon handles

Comes ready to shoot. Measuring 11” wide x 19” long x 4” tall, this compact travel dolly fits in most carry on suitcases.

Price: $599.00, plus $29 shipping on orders within the continental US.

Note: Does not include camera mount or battery charger.

Below is a short-film titled Fade, which features time-lapse scenes shot with the prototype version of this dolly, using 1rpm and 2rpm motors for the time-lapse shots. The video was shot in and around Lake Powell, Utah.

The compact time-lapse dolly uses the same drawer slides I use in high-end kitchens. When the slides are fully extended, the winch pulls the drawer closed giving you approximately 18 inches of movement.

This dolly is the quintessential tool for capturing smooth time-lapse video shots when movement is required.


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