Woodworking Network, April 1, 2013

Esler, Bill “Great Island Cabinet by Brian Grabski”

Brian Grabski, a Minneapolis, MN-based commercial woodworker, specializes in building custom interiors and one-of-a-kind furniture. To learn the trade, Grabski worked summers in cabinet shops during high school, and while earning a business degree at the University of Colorado.

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Bit Rebels, February 1, 2013

Darell, Richard “Secret Compartment Furniture Makes any Home a Treasure Hunt”

Innovator and wannabe treasure hunter Brian Grabski is one of the few people who actually creates real life secret compartments for a living. His latest design is a work of genius. With his epic skills, he managed to create a dresser with a secret compartment that I am sure you couldn’t even spot even if you were a detective..

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Core 77, January 30, 2013

Noe, Rain “A new Secret Drawer Mechanism from Brian Grabski”

I’d like to get Brian Grabski, he of the hidden drawers, in a room together with Matthias Wandel, the woodworking mad scientist. Grabski’s got a new hidden drawer ready, and while his videos are nowhere near as clear, explanatory and well-edited as Wandel’s, I’d rather see too-brief footage of Grabski’s work than none at all.

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Sun Post, January 24 2013

Reader’s Choice Winner  “Best Cabinet/Countertop Company”

You voted.  We counted.  Look inside to see who won best…

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The Minneapolis Egotist, November 2012

“Locals working their wood on camera”

Local filmmaker and editor Joshua VP, was consulted by Designed & Made (Brian Grabski, local woodworker) to create his company video. A fun little piece with some pretty impressive craftsmanship.

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Woodworking Network, November 2012

Esler, Bill. “Woodworking Video Art: Brian Grabsk-Designed & Made”

Brian Grabski, master wood craftsman at Designed and Made Custom Woodwork, Minneapolis, has produced a film with colleagues that raises contemporary woodworking video to a level of art on a parallel with the best photography, and finest examples of woodcraft itself.

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Core 77, November 13, 2012

Noe, Rain “Furniture with Secret Compartments, Part 2″

Of course, the best designers among us will come up with our own solutions. The most extreme example I’ve seen of this comes from Brian Grabski, the designer/craftsmen behind a custom woodworking company called Designed & Made.

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Tirosh, Udi J. “Shooting drawers in a four day time-lapse at a time”

Boutique carpenter Brian Grabski, wanted to take a moving time-lapse of a set of drawers he built.  To make things just a bit more interesting, had wanted some lilies to open up during the shot.

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Midwest Home, September/October 2012

Schmidt, Barbara. “IN HABIT: Essentials for the well-dressed home” & “INSPIRATION: Bright Whites, Pattern adds sizzle to a crisp monochrome”

Custom woodworking by Brian Grabski,

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Szczys, Mike. “Taking moving time-lapse images over days at a time”

It’s neat to watch these lilies open and close during the time-lapse movie. But what makes it even better is to see the camera slowly move during the time-lapse event.

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Tirosh, Udi J. “Beautifully Hand Crafted Wooden Time Lapse Dolly”

Wood worker Brian Grabski and photographer Josh Van Patter collaborated both photographic know-how and superb craftsmanship to create this beautiful piece of work.

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Sun Post, January 26 2012

Reader’s Choice Winner  “Best Cabinet/Countertop Company”

You voted.  We counted.  Look inside to see who won best…

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Esler, Bill “Wall Units, Saw Safety, ComDust, Furniture YouTube: Top WWN Blogs in 2010″

Significantly, the most viewed blog embedded video to show the operation of a furniture project that is equal parts whimsy, magic and strong sales appeal to customers.

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Szczys, Mike “Time-lapse camera dolly”

This track-based setup is a well executed tool useful at all levels of photography.

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The Crafts Report, October 2010

LaFever, Nancy “Expand and Enhance Your Business With the Internet”

Woodworker Brian Grabski attributes a “leaked” YouTube video to increased traffic to his website and interest in his work.

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Star Tribune, September 2010

Youngblood, Dick “Woodworker’s success runs against the recession’s grain”

Geoffrey Olinyk, shop teacher at Champlin Park High School, says Brian Grabski was one of his best students, describing him as “an incredible young man who pays attention to detail and settles for nothing short of perfection.”

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Custom Woodworking Business, June 2010

Esler, Bill “Magic Finished Case Has Hidden Drawers”

To create the rich tones on the walnut and Carpathian elm burl book matched veneer top, he used Kusmi #1 button shellac imported directly from India. The shellac is applied over a preliminary coat of boiled linseed oil.

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Kuhl, Helen “If Rube Goldberg Built a Wall Unit…”

One of the best aspects of covering the woodworking industry is running across a project that is especially clever and fun. Case in point is a custom bookcase by Brian Grabski of Designed and Made in Minneapolis, MN, that was featured recently on YouTube.

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Davies, Chris “Secret furniture gets brilliant, elaborate physical mechanism [Video]”

So far there’s no sign of the finished product on Grabski’s site, but from looking through the rest of his gallery we’ve no reason to believe it isn’t going to end up looking brilliant. Sadly we don’t think we can afford to commission him ourselves.

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Pool & Billiard Magazine, May 2009

“Pool Tables: Elite Options, Unique Choices, One-Of-A-Kind!”

If you are ready to make your game room the center of attention in your neighborhood, it all begins with a focal point, that beautiful hand crafted pool table.


Billiards Digest, November 2008

Leider, Nicholas “Wild Ideas: Unique Tables Through Custom Woodworking”

Grabski has now turned his attention to making pool tables – each on being a kind of functional piece of art. For every table, Grabski hand selects wood with unique and unusual grain patterns to give each piece a distinctive look.

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