It’s a Girl!

Pink Changing Table

My wife and I recently had a happy and healthy baby girl. Naturally, I used the opportunity to craft a changing table for the nursery.

Co-designed by Mike Prom using Autodesk Fusion 360.

Carved out of one solid piece of MDF on a 3-axis CNC router.

In Progress: Scottish Tudor

This project features a custom island, old world-style timber beams that frame the range wall cabinetry, and a built-in bench in the eat-in kitchen. Combined with a water jet cut marble built-in master vanity, this home offers elegant one-of-a-kind finishes that we are proud to work on.

This our latest work in progress created in conjunction with Charlie & Co. Design. The CAD design and renderings were done using Autodesk Fusion 360.

Kitchen Bench

Nightstand with Hidden Drawer

Innovation is a common theme at Designed and Made. The goal of this project was to take a common household item — in this case a nightstand — and incorporate custom features that make the furniture piece unique, and truly custom.

This nightstand with a hidden drawer features burl veneer inlays behind a CNC-machined walnut face with gold leaf trim that accentuates the detail.

“Mike Prom and I were able to build on the knowledge we gained on the original hidden drawer project to create a simpler hidden drawer mechanism with less parts that is easier to build,” said Brian Grabski.

The nightstand features:

  • CNC-machined walnut face
  • Burl veneer inlays
  • Gold leaf details on the trim

Built into the nightstand is a hidden drawer. To access the drawer, you pull on a lever hidden behind the frame of the top drawer. This activates a spring which pushes the hidden drawer out. The beauty of the spring is threefold; it’s inexpensive and readily available, it can easily be replaced, and the tension keeps the hidden drawer closed until it’s activated.

Buy the Plans

Sketch and Parts Lists with Exploded View

Take a look behind the scenes at the drawings and sketches used to create this project. Includes:

  • Preliminary shop sketches of the drawer locking mechanism
  • CAD drawings in PDF format
  • Specifications and Dimensions for Components

Price: $8.99

Files available for download immediately after you purchase.

What’s Trending in the Kitchen

Star Tribune Cover - What's Trending in Kitchens

Designed & Made was proud to have one of its projects recently featured front and center in the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s article, “What’s trending in the Kitchen?”.

A collaboration with Charlie & Co. and Detail Homes, this kitchen features clean lines for a modern look aesthetic with built-in seating.

View more photos from this home below.