Hidden Drawer Tutorial

  I built this dresser for my home back in 2009, and at that time I was very inspired by the veneer work that Tom Schrunk was doing in collaboration with Steinway for their “Art Case” pianos. I was also inspired by the mechanical woodworking being done by Matthias Wandel of Woodgears.ca.     The hidden drawer is controlled by a bolt on the back side of the upper right drawer box.  Before you can activate the hidden drawer system,... Read More

Dresser w/ Hidden Drawer

This is a short little pitch video I put together for one of the editors at Fine Woodworking. The beginning part of the video was filmed on the iPhone about a month ago, but the furniture spin at the end is from 2010.  The wood lock was something I saw on Matthias Wandel’s website.  I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into a piece of furniture and have it control a hidden drawer.  The video below shows what I came up with. Showing... Read More

Hidden Drawer Mechanism

How the Locking Mechanism was designed The hidden drawer mechanism was designed by both myself and my friend Mike Prom. We came up with the original concept one evening when we had two too many cocktails out in the front porch. I had heard about the desk in “National Treasure 2″ from a customer a couple months earlier, but I hadn’t seen it.  After we started talking about it we watched it instantly on Netflix. We skipped to the... Read More

Furniture Spin [Video]

My favorite part about making custom furniture is the marketing aspect of it. I invest a lot of time and energy making videos that showcase my work with the help of my buddy Josh Van Patter. It is a really fun way to get the word out to a lot of people that there is a young guy in the Twin Cities who is making high-end custom furniture. 6 hours of heavy lifting for 7 seconds of footage, I love it!    Read More