Crocus Hill Custom Kitchen

We knew we wanted to make a big impact with this kitchen. This video showcases the final product of our collaborative efforts. The builder I did this kitchen for is also one of my best friends, and we both started our companies at the same time in 2005. Chris Van Klei and I both have a design forward approach and are really passionate about what we do.  It’s always really fun working together.  At times we tend to go a little overboard,... Read More

Designed & Made – Brian Grabski [video]

Video Credits Filming by Joshua VP and Brian Grabski Editing and Color by Joshua VP CAD drawings and animations by Mike Prom Robotics by Peter Kerwin Music by Mexicans with Guns – Death and Rebirth Image Gallery  Read More

Multi-Use Chair/Table

What are the Whiskey Sessions? The answer: Kicking it with my good friend Mike Prom, drinking Knob Creek, talking shop, and sketching out big ideas.  The by-product of the first Whiskey Session was the hidden drawer mechanism that we collaborated on.  Now we are working on our second project, a Mulit-Use Chair/Table.  The design is pretty much ready to rock, and I will be starting on the prototype very soon.  Once the prototype is complete, we... Read More

Hidden Drawer Mechanism

How the Locking Mechanism was designed The hidden drawer mechanism was designed by both myself and my friend Mike Prom. We came up with the original concept one evening when we had two too many cocktails out in the front porch. I had heard about the desk in “National Treasure 2″ from a customer a couple months earlier, but I hadn’t seen it.  After we started talking about it we watched it instantly on Netflix. We skipped to the... Read More