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Veneering at its best has always been considered an art form and is a prized design material. Some of the hand techniques I use date all the way back to the early 1800’s. They are time tested and cannot be matched with those used in a production shop. If you are looking for something unique we should be talking about incorporating these features into your project.


Customer Reviews

Brian takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work, and in addition to his superior product, he is more dedicated and honest than most people have the opportunity to witness.  Indeed, by the time Brian’s clients receive their final product, they have very little idea into the real time and energy that Brian puts into making everything his does, from coffee tables to cabinets, truly unique and excellent.

-N. Anderson

A truly functional piece of art!

-T. Schell


Past Projects

Click on the images below to view some of Brian’s past custom veneering projects.



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