We knew we wanted to make a big impact with this kitchen. This video showcases the final product of our collaborative efforts.

The builder I did this kitchen for and I both have a design forward approach and are really passionate about what we do.  These projects are always a lot of fun to work on.

This house is the second of two custom homes in the new 12 lot development in historic St. Paul’s Crocus Hill neighborhood.

The custom CNC grid doors were originally inspired by the house in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  (The Closet and Master Bath in that house are also amazing, check it out next time you watch the movie.  You know what I’m talking about Rick.)

The question was, what’s the best way to make custom grids like the ones in these doors?  That is where Mike Prom and Tyler Cooper came in.  After Chris and I had the concept for this kitchen polished up, Mike and I started designing the doors and toe kicks using parametric modeling software and go-to-meeting.

Mike is a superhero when it comes to CAD.  He has been helping me out with drafting and design work from the very beginning.  Mike is awesome.

Tyler Cooper is one of the owners at Nordeast Makers.  Cooper and his business partner Micah have become my go-to source for contract CNC work.  In addition to the CNC router, they also have a laser cutter, and multiple 3D printers.

The best projects that I work on are always a collaboration between multiple creative minds working towards the same end goal.

Below are some images of the finished project.