Designed & Made is excited to work with Tom Rauscher & Associates and Hage Homes on a 7,800 square foot custom home which was featured on the 2020 Artisan Home Tour. Working with professionals early in the process allows us to complement their vision for the space and fit architecturally-designed cabinetry within the home without constraints.

Designed & Made is creating a grotto-style range hood using a combination of 3D modeling, 3D printing and CNC technology. These capabilities help bring the vision to reality and enable greater collaboration throughout the process.

As you’ll see from the sketches, photos and renderings below, we are working in an iterative process to execute the architect’s vision tailored to the homeowner’s lifestyle.

This was featured in Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine.

Kitchen Line Drawing

Using cutting-edge technology, Designed & Made is able to offer unique textures, patterns and mixed media. This home features an intricate, bespoke pattern on the interior of the island drawers, on a custom ceiling panel, and on the powder vanity which adds sophistication.

Vanity with Custom Textured Pattern