Custom Distressed Antique-Style Bench

The goal of this project was to create a natural looking patina on new fitted furniture. We researched a number of historical locations and created custom samples for the homeowner to ensure his vision was being executed correctly. Using a combination of finishing techniques, we were able to deliver a distressed birch built-in bench, curved wall bar, hand painted wood built-ins and custom cabinetry through this unique cottage on Lake Okoboji in Iowa. We executed Jeff Murphy’s architectural design and teamed up with Prospect Refuge Studio who provided interior design for the project. The homeowner played an integral role in bringing his vision to life for this project.

We started out testing finishing techniques to match this antique stool, and then proceeded to do research on how wood naturally ages over time. We looked at the James J. Hill Library, W. A. Frost and the Cathedral of St. Paul for inspiration. From there, we began creating finishes for the Liar’s Club built-in bench and bar lounge area.


Sample Finish


This English cottage features many built-in cabinets and shelves fitted for different rooms, including the master bedroom, guest bedroom, kitchen, pantry, cocktail lounge, bathrooms and laundry room. This historic-style cottage used old world techniques to create an authentic look and feel throughout the home.