The Ultimate Party Invite/Guerilla Marketing

While I was working on my mobile website with Craig Rentmeester and having cocktails on the rooftop of The Cafeteria on a sunny summer day, we came up with a crazy-awesome idea to build the ultimate party invite.

I had just finished up an elaborate home theater project that I was super excited about, and I was in the mood to throw a big party.  In addition, I was sitting on a boatload of great time-lapse footage that I had filmed throughout the entire process of the project for my demo reel.  The party invite was a great opportunity to double dip, and use the footage twice.

This invitation was much more than just the video.  It was a full-screen website, and it also had a mobile redirect for people viewing the invite on smart phones.  More importantly, it was an all out marketing campaign.  This is where Craig’s brilliance came into play.  Craig is the ultimate salesman/internet marketer/fun-guy-to-work-with.  He has talent, check him out: (

Craig created a custom page within my full-screen website that listed all the party information, as well as Google Maps embedded for people who needed directions to the party.  There was also a link within the page that said, “Invite a friend”.  When you clicked on the link, it automatically opened your email application and impregnated the body of the email with a prewritten message.  All you had to do was type in your friend’s email address and press send.  Pretty slick.

All in all, the party invite was a huge success.  Between the website and the mobile redirect, the video was viewed over 200 times.  More importantly, my portfolio got a few looks from a couple people in the industry that I really wanted to see my work.


The Finished Product

Click on the images below to view the custom theater built in conjunction with Admit One Cinema and Annie Tropple.

Giant Oval Molding w/ Built-in LED lighting

Home Theater Rendering

Home theater project

Last year I had the opportunity to do some specialty woodworking involving curved crown molding for an award winning in home theater by Admit One Cinema, and Twin Cities designer Annie Tropple.

Currently, we are working on a similar theater that is going to be equally awesome.  This time I’m doing all the woodwork, including a giant oval ceiling molding that’s going to have built-in LED lighting.

The oval molding measures roughly 11′ X 17′. The LEDs will give off a soft blue glow to the interior of the oval ceiling, which is designed to look like stars.

The oval parts were drafted in AutoCAD Inventor by my pal Mike Prom, and were cut out of 1″ MDF using a CNC router.  Mike also helped me out with a uber complicated hidden drawer mechanism that I built into a custom bookcase in 2010.

I’m really jazzed to be a part of this project, it’s going to be rad.  I’m looking forward to filming the final product with my buddy Joshua VP when it’s totally completed.