Chevron Veneer Top [Video]

About the cabinet:

The veneering on the tabletop is a Chevron pattern.  Some people refer to this design as a French Herringbone.  This particular style looks awesome on hardwood floors.

For this project, I used Curly Figured American Walnut that I got from Certainly Wood.  The quality of their veneers is excellent.  I highly recommend them.

The finish I used is an oil-based varnish.  The thing that I really like about varnish is that it tends to amber significantly in the first few months; which adds a lot of warmth to the strong character of the wood.

The hardware was hand-made out of brass and leather.  The brass was finished to look antique.  A great place to find hardware like this in the Twin Cities is Nob Hill.


About the video:

This is a 30 second HDR time-lapse that I filmed over the course of 23.5 hours.  I mounted a Canon T2i on a custom-made ceiling mount directly above my workbench, and shot still images on a remote timer every minute for the entire process.

I bought a Tokina 10-17 f3.5-4.5 Fish Eye lens special for this particular shot, and I’m really glad I did.  I love the way this lens bends the light and captures almost the whole shop.

I also used a Canon AC Adapter Kit for Rebel T2i.  An advantage to having it plugged into a cord is that you are not moving the camera at all.  Even a slight bump will show up in the final shot if you’re not careful.

This footage will be going into my upcoming demo reel when it’s complete.  I can’t wait to finish this project; hopefully I’ll have all the shots I need by the end of the year!