1. A statement in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim.
  2. A written affirmation of another’s character or worth; a personal recommendation.
  3. Something given in appreciation of a person’s service or achievement; a tribute.


“Brian Grabski of Designed and Made is an integral part of our design/ build firm. He has delivered six plus kitchens each more amazing then the last, as well as many custom cabinets and architectural elements. From the design process to the execution it is truly a joy to work with someone who is not only a craftsman but also an incredible artist. We would highly recommend Brian to anyone looking for any type of custom woodworking or cabinetry. In an industry with many moving parts, it’s very refreshing to work with someone whom you know will deliver a finished product even more incredible then you imagined.”  -Chris Van Klei (Detail Homes)

“We had the desire to pull off a room that hadn’t been done before from an interior design perspective.  Brian was able to conquer that without too much of a challenge and it turned out really nice.” -Lance Anderson  (Admit One Home Cinema)

“Brian was the only one we trusted to build the design we had come up with.  It was very technical and we were nervous that anyone but Brian would be able to build it.”  -Annie Tropple  (Home Design by Annie)

The pool table Brian designed and made is the perfect centerpiece for our sports themed basement and will be a family heirloom that our grandkids will enjoy!  -M. Parrish

The quality of our bedroom set is beyond words.  Brian’s creative yet classy touch in the design and woodwork is unmatched by other sets.  We absolutely love our dressers and can’t wait to hire Brian for our next project.  -L. Lejcher

Brian has done three major pieces for us, all were unique and of excellent quality.  Brian listened carefully to what our expectations were for each project.  He also suggested ideas that proved to be improvements to what we had in mind.  We are extremely pleased with his work!  -J. Arnold

Thank you for combining old and new to create a seamless design that fits our personalities.  We love our new kitchen!  -M. Prom

Brian created a beautiful planning desk that was a great match to our existing kitchen cabinets.  He is skilled craftsman who is passionate about his work and has great client service.  We truly enjoy our new piece!
-H. Bilderback

The wood pieces we had Brian create for our home were made with the finest quality.  Each piece fits together perfectly and works as it should.  The wood used had a rich grain pattern.  It blended perfectly.  Our visitors say they would have never been able to tell our built in bookcases didn’t come with the house!  We love Brian’s work and highly recommend him.  -P. Regowski

Mr. Grabski provided me with first-rate service from design stages through production.  He finished with first-rate installation all with competitive pricing.  I have and will continue to refer Mr. Grabski to everyone in need of custom cabinetry and woodworking.  As a small business owner myself, I understand the importance of a professional you can count on.  Brian is one of them!  -K. Ondich

Brian did a wonderful and very professional job.  The pull-outs were exactly as I requested and installation was flawless.  I will refer Brian to all my friends who need a great cabinet maker.  -B. Mac Murdo

Brian worked with me, incorporated my ideas with his, which resulted in a finished product that exceed my expectations.  Others who have seen my entertainment center are as impressed as I was.  -D. Ulve

We love our custom made end table.  I knew what I wanted but could not find it in any furniture store.  We talked to Brian and came up with a great plan.  Brian’s cabinetry skills are excellent.  We were very impressed with the workmanship.  It’s not only beautiful, it is also functional.  It fits in with our other furniture perfectly and is just what I was looking for.  -L. Linder

Just wanted to let you know we love our new end table.  It is working out really great for us.  It fits right into our décor.  Thanks again, we will spread the word that you do great work.  -L. Linder

We are extremely pleased with our cabinets and woodwork.  The quality and craftsmanship are excellent and the cost was very reasonable.  Brian is incredibly creative and came up with unique ideas that made the result even better then we expected.  We highly recommend Brian Grabski Custom Woodworking.  -R. Mol

Brian built custom cabinets with bookshelves to match perfectly with our existing cabinetry and woodwork.  He offered creative ideas to give the bookcases more depth and character.  Hidden custom drawers were also incorporated.  In addition he designed a unique corner cabinet for the TV and electronics.  Outstanding!
-J. Wendorf

Brian designed and made the most amazing kitchen island: two cookbook shelves, two pull out wicker baskets for bread and root vegetables, a two row wine rack, a drawer, and a trash and recycle pull out!  A truly functional piece of art!  -T. Schell

Our home is the Dream Home in the 2009 Spring Parade.  A close friend of ours told us about Brian, so we decided to take a chance with this young furniture maker- and are we are glad we did!  It is a marriage of elegance and function.  The grain of the walnut matches from section to section. The large burl veneering has no seams-perfectly matched.  Brian applied walnut burl on the inside of our eight-foot cabinet door knowing it would be left open.  And our master closet? Wow. It’s another union of function and beauty.  We call it our “Ralph Lauren” room.  -S. Fannon

We love our island and kitchen cabinets.  Everything turned out better than I had hoped, the look of it, the way the drawers open and close and the pantry shelves are so easily adjustable.  All of it is wonderfully made.  Brian did an awesome job designing and building them.  -I. Wilson

Extremely talented individual who combines creativity with professionalism by delivering superlative, unique woodworking in a timely and personable manner.  -N. Prom

We asked for a simple design.  Brian delivered extra-ordinary quality and excellence with eye popping wood grain.  Brian was very easy to work with and enhanced our ideas to a design that compliments our project.  All we can say is wow and thank you.  -P. Van Patter

Our humble porch became our favorite room with the addition of Brian’s beautiful oak window valences.  His innovative design served a two-fold purpose which created beauty and shelving space in a room filled with windows.  Brian’s work is of the highest quality and detail.  -J. Turnberg

I am impressed by Brian’s craftsmanship.  He approaches every project with enthusiasm and provides many options and ideas.  His emphasis on detail and creativity add to his outstanding workmanship.  -L. Knudsen

Brian did a great job of consulting on how to upgrade our laundry room and designing a beautiful built-in desk.  Great passion for his work, great detail and the installation went very well.  When taking on another project, Brian will be the first one we call.  Thanks for a job well done!  -P. Kenevan

We are finally settling into our new space and wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying your cabinets.  Very nice-especially the laundry room, which is now organized and we can leave the door open.  Thank you!     -R. Wilczek

“It’s gorgeous! It is more beautiful than we could imagine – a perfect usable “art” piece our living room!”  -D. Manbeck

In the interest of full disclosure, I grew up with Brian and have known him for most of my life. That said, I don’t take the responsibility to offer a recommendation lightly — our longstanding friendship gives me a critical perspective into his personality and work habits. Brian takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work, and in addition to his superior product, he is more dedicated and honest than most people have the opportunity to witness. Since Brian graduated from college and started his business, I have had the privilege of watching him in action. I could talk about the innovation and quality of his work, but I think his website portfolio speaks for itself. Instead, I would highlight Brian’s work ethic, dedication to excellence (again, see portfolio), and his commitment to exceeding his clients’ expectations. Brian hand selects every piece of material he uses, and spends much of his personal time and resources mastering techniques. I often stop by his shop after work, and Brian is always beaming with excitement and energy about a new idea for a potential customer, or the pleasure of having completed a project that satisfies his high expectations. Indeed, by the time Brian’s clients receive their final product, they have very little idea into the real time and energy that Brian puts into making everything his does, from coffee tables to cabinets, truly unique and excellent. Finally, I would emphasize Brian’s honesty, as I’ve found this to be lacking in my own personal dealings with service providers. I can say with 100% conviction that Brian never exaggerates his capabilities, and never, ever cuts a corner. Therefore it is with pleasure that I recommend Brian to anybody seeking the services of a true woodworking craftsman and artist. You can rest assured that you have a unique opportunity to hire somebody who takes a tremendous amount of pride and enjoyment in his craft, and who will work tirelessly to understand and exceed your expectations.
-N. Anderson